About Shreya Rawat

I'm a Journalism graduate from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, Delhi University and a trained film producer from Satyajit Ray Film & TV Institute (SRFTI), Kolkata, which is one of the premier film schools in India. I have done my specialization in Producing for Film & Television.

Starting from researching on ideas, taking permissions for shooting, breaking down the script, renting equipment, budgeting and scheduling on Movie Magic Scheduling software, to making a festival strategy, I have been trained for all and have handled everything in the films of budgets ranging from 5- 13 lacs. Attached are some of the works that I have done in various roles.


My Latest Projects

DUSK, Short Film as Co-Producer &

Executive Producer

A poetic portrayal of monotony in the life of a sex worker from Sonagachi (Asia's biggest brothel) which breaks when she goes out with a client for sightseeing, only to realize that she has to go back to the brothel which is her reality now.

UNDERPANTS, Short Film as Executive Producer

Pablo, an aspiring artist working as a graphic artist, dreams of the horrors of his advertising firm while going in a metro.

JAYADRATH VADH, (Short Film) as Executive Producer

Story of a child who is extremely close to his 8 months pregnant atheist mother and detached from his drunk religious father; who eventually takes the path of extreme religious belief when the hospital refuses to treat his mother without money.

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CIVIL WAR, Short Film as Producer

(currently in post-production)

Krishnan, a fatally injured battle-hardened soldier has his convictions shattered after experiencing a deep connection with the lives of his former victims as he meets a teenager Tsering.

AUTUMN, Short Film as Presenter and Associate Producer

Autumn is a story around two sisters, Vidya & Vaidehi, in an estranged relationship where they had been out of touch for years. When Vidya is diagnosed with a terminal disease, the inevitability of her condition eventually becomes a way of bringing them emotionally closer than ever.

RED TEARS (Documentary) as Executive Producer

Subhash Dey is the only blind theatre director-actor in India who is also a co-founder of Anyadesh Theater group. In this film, through his narration and glimpses from his life, we see how he uses theater to overcome the setbacks of his disability and meet his vision, philosophy and process.

Rawat.shriya00@gmail.com  | +91 7595912912

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